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Welcome to Gabel Legal Services, a Green Law practice in Bowie, Maryland. Our commitment is to provide quality legal services that serve not only our clients but the planet as well. We demonstrate our commitment through representation of our clients, our dedication to the environment of our community, our leadership in environmental organizations and our practices every day. Contact us today and learn more about us and how we can serve you.


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What is Green Law?

In one sense, Green Law, is environmental advocacy as traditionally practiced by environmental lawyers.  It includes areas such as toxic tort litigation (exposure to toxic substances through spills, improper storage of chemicals, toxic mold, and so on that cause injury) as well as litigation in areas like clean air, water, wildlife and endangered species, and more.  It is the area of law that deals with protecting this planet so that citizens can enjoy the benefits of their natural environment.  Some of these benefits include; better health, relaxation, recreational, economic, and others.  It is also an area that deals with defending those accused of doing some injury to the environment.

Green Law, for us, goes beyond that.  It is a code we practice by.  It includes reducing the resources used from saving paper to reducing the energy and the carbon footprint of our law practice.  It includes protecting the environment of the community we live in, not only through our professional activities,  but by volunteering in clean-up efforts, aiding education and outreach for the community, and developing and fostering a sense of connection between the community and the environment.

We also recognize that the environment is not just the natural world around you, but your place in it.  Your environment includes your home, your family, your plans, and your financial comfort.  We are dedicated to protecting your entire environment whether it is protecting your property from a toxic spill or protecting your home from other kinds of damage (like the actions of neighbors or utility companies).

Working with Gabel Legal Services, you will come to understand that you not only have an advocate that will work for your goals, but will also help you to become Greener and enjoy a better relationship and partnership with your community and your environment.


What else can Gabel Legal Services do for you?

Our firm is growing.  We currently help numerous small businesses expand and grow as well by helping them with the demanding and competitive economy we now live in.  While we are at it, we also help them do it Greener and more cost effectively.

We have helped families find help during the foreclosure crisis. We help the arts continue in this economy.  We help homeowners deal with problems with utility companies, their neighbors, and more. Visit our practice page for more information.


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